2 double beds and a film set.

No, it’s not what you’re thinking 🙂

I’ve had a rather bizarre day today.  I was asked if I’d be willing to do a film clip for our Management Excellence community (I was one of the managers from “the field” at the workshop last week).  They wanted to film me talking about why I believe in making good managers into great managers and how we can all encourage this to happen across the company.

I didn’t want to go over to Redmond as I haven’t got a car this week and didn’t want to blow $50 each way on a cab, so I asked the film crew to come over and film me in Seattle. 


They needed a quiet space, so I agreed to meet them in the Westin Seattle.  However, this wasn’t quiet enough so we agreed to film in my hotel room. 

So 2 guys I’ve never met before, lugging over $25,000 worth of filming stuff and pushing a trolley full of cables came up to my room on the 25th floor and proceeded to set up for the filming.


They’d brought a peace offering of coffee and doughnuts and sat me in a corner whilst they set their stuff up in the bedroom.



I’m sharing my room with a colleague from the Evangelism team in the UK (she’s a strategy advisor)and as   their  kit started to be rigged, spotlights, diffusers, boom microphone and things like this. 

I started to worry about what Lisa would think of me if she came back early and saw what was happening.  We’ve never shared rooms before, and she may think this sort of thing was a little odd. IMAGE_032

Well everything went well, I did my “piece to camera”, filmed a lot of segways and giggled a  lot when I thought they weren’t filming and generally gave them far more than the 30 second soundbite they needed.

And Lisa walked in right on cue, just as they were packing up all of their stuff, looked slightly surprised so see the film crew – but took it all in her stride.  I’ll still need to show her the finished cut though – just in case she has any doubts about me at all:-)