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Aren’t conference hotels the same all over the world?  You drive to a fabulous old house that once was owned by someone with a serious amount of money, sweep up the treelined drive to an amazing and beautiful entrance that must have seen its fair share of horse and carriages driving up to the entrance.  You check in, go through reception, down a really long, too straight corridor – to something that looks like a stable block, or a set of army quarters, all identical, boxy, same.  All clean and neat and waiting for you.

Well, I’m in yet another one of these places.  I’m delivering a talk on blogging in business tomorrow at a place a few miles up the road.  It’s very close to Althorp, where Princess Diana was laid to rest and it’s raining this evening.  So where am I right now?  In the bar with a nice glass of Merlot catching up on my mail and watching the world go by…

So what will i be talking about?

What’s a blog (for those who haven’t heard of a blog yet), how blogging has improved the conversation between the customers and the organisation.  How the connection between people spreads the word out.


How to make your blog more discoverable, search engine organisation, RSS, relationships, my tips for blogging effectively and my 10 top rules (although I’m ignoring rule number 8 right now which is don’t blog when you’ve been drinking) Here they are again…

So basically all of the stuff I usually talk about, but delivered to a small business audience who already have the tools to get blogging and get the conversation going – but don’t actually know where to start.

So what are my top 10?

  1. Blog regularly
  2. Answer comments
  3. Don’t sell
  4. Link love
  5. Traffic isn’t the goal
  6. Be Authentic
  7. Expect criticism
  8. Don’t blog when you’re drunk/down/angry
  9. Blog Smart
  10. Ignore trolls – no matter how hard this is

What’s your top tip so I can include it in my top 11 – just likes Bill Gates’ 11 rules (which he never even did…)

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