USB Wine for the holidays

Well its fairly obvious that everyone is winding down for Christmas  as I’m starting to get some really daft things sent to me by mail.  I’ve been sent loads of emails from my friends and family who have turned themselves into elves with Elf Yourself, and today I was sent a video from You Tube with this wonderful new USB device.  I want one!



But beware of the warning in one of the comments:

Don’t buy this product just yet! The wine download rate is very slow.
There is a new mobile phone coming to the market very soon, that includes a built in high speed broadband beverage tap, the download rate leaves this product for dead. The phone includes FREE wine sampling and a built in breath analyser so you never need to drink drive again

but now, sitting at my PC with a glass of mulled wine in my hand, I think that its a damn good idea actually. – and a totally brilliant marketing campaign…


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