The feel good Social Networking sites

I’m fascinated by the current social networking trend and watch twitter, facebook and myspace, flickr etc ad nauseam.  There are several social networking sites out there which do a variety of different things.  But they all have one key goal.  To connect people.  But some of them have struck a chord today as they remind me that some sites are there and are aimed at self improvement, for helping others for  the good of everyone.  So I’ve trawled through my delicious profile for the sites I’ve bookmarked  that aim to make you feel a little bit better and I’ve arrived at this list of less well known or talked about sites that you may be interested in:

Instant connections:

  • Ning  Create your own social network – on anything you like.  Cats, coffee, whatever you fancy…
  • Favorville.  People helping people

Self improvement

  • 43things.  You can pledge to go cycling every day, or learn salsa dancing and find all those other people who have pledged the same thing
  • Make me sustainable.  Check how your carbon emissions match up with your good deeds to offset carbon (my flights account for 80% of mine!)
  • Care2.  Do you care enough to be an animal rights activist, be green, support human rights etc.  This site has all the ways you can help

Positive thoughts

  • Zaadz  Inspiration and reflection

Extending your own community

  • KickApps  Create your own social network


There are loads more sites.  Econsultant has over 500 sites for you to browse around and try to keep up with.  There may be lots more feel good sites out there too.  I just need to find them…


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