Microsoft Executives and a pair of high heels…

I spent the morning with Gordon Frazer at our company All hands meeting which we hold every quarter.  We all get together, Gordon is MC and the executives all have a session to talk about progress and innovation so far this year.  I’d been asked to talk about Web 2.0 and how our internal communications have moved from their current delivery mechanism to a Windows Gadget for your Vista Sidebar.  A huge honour to be asked – especially for this opportunity to present to all of my peers.  My peers?  Aargh!

As an evangelist, I’m not fazed by talking to big crowds, not worried about talking about something outside of my comfort area, but sitting amongst most of the Microsoft UK executive team was initially a terrifying thought.  Why was I scared?  Heck, our exec team in the UK are the most approachable set of people I’ve ever met, all of them will stop and say hello in the corridor, have a chat, will respond to mails, Instant Messages, and are always helpful.

So I spent all morning in hell of a panic, not really understanding why until it was time for my segment.  I stood up – and realised why.

high-heels.jpgAlong the whole row of executives, I was easily the shortest.  By about 30cms (1ft).  Even the women on the exec team in the UK are incredibly tall.

Thank god for my high heels, they gave me confidence alongside the tall guys and helped me see over the table for my demo.  Subconsciously I must have known this when I was getting ready for work this morning and chose my favourite killer heels.

But what a different feeling after my session today.  Instead of feeling elated and excited, rushed with the adrenaline, all I could think of was taking my shoes off and going back to my loafers.

And going back to being short…