Evangelism and the IT Heroes

As evangelists, we work a lot with customers who don’t have the luxury of full account management, technical support or sales guys.  These smaller customers, some who don’t even get to use a set of our partners from the partner community, still manage to install and deploy the latest technology seemingly without any help from anyone.  And sometimes they want to talk about it to enthuse others to deploy too.  These are our true IT heroes who deserve some sort of recognition.  George, who writes the TechNet newsletter is working with Andrew to try to identify these unsung heroes in the UK and give them some sort of recognition for their efforts.  Some of them write for the Industry Insiders blog, but many of them out there are totally unknown and ignored. 

We’re not intending to produce the same type of video that we did for the IT Pro momentum earlier this year, but we’d like to call out their achievements somehow.

Video: IT Pro Momentum

So how do we find these people?  Any ideas how we can find these heroes out there and tell their story and inspire others?  I’d love to know…