UK TechNet Events

Ok, so I’m going a little bit off topic, and including all of the events that we’re holding in the UK for the next few months, but I’ve decided to do this as I believe:

  • The UK TechNet events site needs an RSS feed (I get questions about when the next event will be on more than one occasion
  • We’re going on the road – not all of the events will be held on campus.  So you can stay after the event and buy me a glass of wine and grill me personally – and not just on email!

so here they are…


Please feel free to forward this onto those who’d like to attend one of these events and also check the TechNet Events page for new events that are being added weekly.  Please note that the events are being held regionally and not just in the Reading campus!

Exchange 2007

17 October 2006, Reading: Overview of Exchange 2007: what’s new?

Find out about the new features of Exchange Server 2007. We will demonstrate how you can have more control while giving your organisation the “anywhere access” it needs. This TechNet session includes demos as well as slides to give you a thorough introduction to this latest technology.


23 October 2006, London: An Introduction to and Overview of Microsoft Licensing

Licensing can be confusing – but it needn’t be! Attend this course to understand Microsoft licensing and how to best apply it in your company to fit in with your business needs. This session is aimed at IT professionals who wish to gain a better understanding of Microsoft’s software licensing. The briefing assumes no previous in-depth or technical licensing experience.


04 October 2006, Reading: The Best Of Microsoft Management Summit 2006 UK

The Microsoft Management Summit is an annual event held in the US. Now you can attend the UK event. We bring you the most popular sessions presented by the experts from head office in Redmond. If you want an in-depth understanding of how to optimise your organisation’s infrastructure then book now. This is your chance to get your questions answered and to hear about the latest developments in these management technologies.

02 November 2006, Reading: Monitoring, Reporting and Alerting on your environment with Microsoft Operations Manager

This TechNet session will demonstrate how you can effectively manage your IT infrastructure with Microsoft Operations Manager 2005. It covers product architecture and configuration as well as looking at third-party products and the tools to manage them. There will also be a sneak preview of some of the new features in Microsoft Operations Manager 2007.


11 October 2006, London: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007: what’s new?

This TechNet event will explain and demonstrate the new features in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. It will cover upgrade scenarios from SharePoint Portal Server 2003 and Windows SharePoint Services.

SQL Server

07 November 2006, Edinburgh: Enhance your business’s reporting capability: An introduction to SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services

SQL Server 2005 has a wealth of reporting services that can provide true business intelligence. This session will show you just how capable this technology is and how easy it is to set up, manage and deliver reports that will give the insights your company is looking for.

Windows Vista

11 October 2006, Edinburgh: What’s New in Administering Vista

In this session we will examine Group Policy functionality improvements that have been made with Windows Vista. We’ll describe the new and updated features and how these help to alleviate the problems that were present with previous versions of Windows.