Cleaning up your Powerpoint documents

John, one of our Platform Strategy Advisors (he talks about Visual Studio a lot in a broad Geordie accent), send a mail out with an amazing tip about Powerpoint, which I repeat in full as it’s really useful and will save you lots of time…


If you, like me, have often slaved over the laborious task of removing speaker notes from presentations before you send it to a customer then this tip which I gleamed from the Office 2007 site (posted by an Office guru in MSFT Turkey) on how to do it in PPT 2007 is useful. Worth saving.

In my job, I share a lot of PowerPoint slides with customers. Historically, the challenge has been that I want to remove any speaker notes, custom metadata, or other comments left by the original authors of the slides. I used to have a vba script which removed the notes, but it was such a pain to load the macro and run it every time I wanted to “cleanse” the slide deck. Fortunately, PowerPoint 2007 has a neat feature built-in to accomplish the same thing. Called the “Document Inspector” and it’s located on the Office button.

Click the Office Button (where the “File” menu used to be)

Select Finish > from the drop-down list

Select “Inspect Document…”


Brilliant.  thanks for digging this one up John, it’s now shared with the rest of the world (but not Greenland!)