Web Office: Hype or reality?

I was really interested to read Richards post on the Web Office of the future and how we’ve evolved since the olden days of indicidual Word processing packages, spreadsheets, and email clients.  I’m using a whole host of Web tools at the moment.  Windows Live for my email, Live messenger for IM, Live writer for offline blog authoring.  I haven’t found a “Live” spreadsheet yet – maybe if I did more sums then this would have motivated me to do some research.  Do we have a Windows Live spreadsheet yet?  I’ve not seen anything, but I expect that someone is working on this over at Windows Live somewhere…

I don’t agree with his statement though that the Web Office suite will be commonplace by the early 2010’s.  Customers I talk to are just getting their heads around blogs, have never heard of a Wiki, and are baffled that RSS has the word “simple” in it!  We do tend to get a bit ahead of ourselves in the technology industry and expect everyone to be up to the same page as us.  But often they’re not.  Just try asking the person next to you on the bus about blogs and Wiki’s, and what software they’re using on their home PC’s and be prepared for a surprise.

Early 2010’s?  No way.