A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, there was Web 1.0

I’ve been watching the hype around Web 2.0 with interest.  I was around at the start of the dot com boom and remember only too well, all the phone calls from enthusiasts trying to get me to give up everything and join the latest start up.  I found an interesting article about Web 2.0 the other day which discusses how your privacy will be compromised with Web 2.0 and the proliferation of sites.  There’s an interesting video about the web 2.0 bubble (and a transcript too if you’re bored with the pauses and caching issues from watching it live).  Like the dot com boom, we have the bursting of the bubble.  will the Internet soon be so full of dross that it will cave in on itself like a dying star.  I’m including blogs here – look how many blogs there are world-wide.  Technorati only counts about 52 million of them but I think that there are at least double that number, and its growing every second. 

I do like Aaron’s Star Wars analogy in the video though:

I grew up a major Star Wars fan. And I think the important thing to understand about Web 2.0 is that Bolt and MySpace and Xanga and LiveJournal and YouTube are all part of something that I call the Republic. The Empire of course is network television. And we are all working together to take dollars away from network television.

And is Web 2.0 just an interim build?  What about web 2.5?…  Will that be the new big bang…?