Infrastructure Optimisation

I had a chat to Garry the other day.  Garry runs our Infrastructure Optimisation team and is tasked with making people aware of how they can improve their environment from reactive to proactive.  There are 4 states to this model 9full description of each of the states here):

Basic  – Your department is a cost centre with Uncoordinated manual infrastructure.  Knowledge is not captured

Standardised – You have a managed IT infrastructure with limited automation and knowledge capture

Rationalised – Your IT infrastructure is managed and consolidated with extensive automation.  The knowledge is captured and reused

Dynamic – You have fully automated management, Dynamic resource usage, business linked SLA’s.  Your knowledge is captured and the use is automated.

So the idea is to move your business to become more dynamic, with automation, stopping the business from being such a cost centre.  If you ask yourself a few simple questions you can place your business on one of these states, with things like Security, Networking, Disaster recovery, Desktop and Server management falling in different areas.  So we’ve produced several resources to help you get your business into a more dynamic state.

Microsoft IT Showcase has just published the following brief on how we have use the Infrastructure Optimization model internally at Microsoft.

How do you get your IT shop out of reactive mode? Take a look at the Infrastructure Optimization (IO) Model as it applies to your environment. IO helps companies plan infrastructure growth to realize the full value of IT investments. Find out how Microsoft applies the model to its own corporate infrastructure, focusing on five key capabilities to advance its IT infrastructure within the IO Model.
Technical Solutions Brief | PowerPoint Presentation

 Steve’s team looks after IO for Partners and he’s blogged about the kit that you can download.  This explains how to optimise your business.

So why is this important?  Cost.  Reduce your costs.  Become an asset to the business and not just a cost centre.  And that will get you promoted.  Hopefully…