Get software immediately with Technet plus

All of my Marketing stuff gets moved by an Exchange rule into a folder, and I look at them once in a while with my finger on the delete key.  Most of the communications are internal only, and warn me to look out for up and coming software releases, marketing campaigns and things like that.  This mail caught my eye and after reading Susan and Keith’s posts and reading through the list of extras, I realised that I had to forward this on too as the benefits you get are much much better now.  I’ve highlighted some of the really useful pieces below as I get more questions about this than anything else…

TechNet Plus Benefits Portal:

This week the new TechNet Plus Benefits Portal went live internationally. This greatly enhances the online experience for subscribers and replaces the former subscriber-only online site.  You can access the site here.  If you’re a subscribers you can access:

· Subscriber Downloads and Product Keys – All evaluation software, betas, product keys and other Subscription resources and are available immediately after release in the new Subscriber Downloads center. Customers have specifically asked for this functionality and now we are able to deliver it. No need to wait for discs – all TechNet Plus subscribers will have full access to the secure downloads, whether they purchase TechNet Plus single user, single server or TechNet Plus Direct. Now they have immediate access to Windows Server, Office System, Windows Vista, SQL Server and more. The full range of Microsoft’s commercial software is available to customers to explore.

· Managed Newsgroups – IT Pros will get expert answers to their technical questions by posting to the TechNet newsgroups. TechNet Plus subscribers will get a verified answer within the next business day – guaranteed.  worldwide.

· Online Concierge Chat – Navigating through all of the information Microsoft offers can be challenging. For assistance finding resources or answers or non-technical questions, subscribers can “talk” to a Microsoft Online Assistant to get help.  worldwide

· Microsoft E-learning – TechNet Plus subscribers get complimentary access to online courses and clinics. Subscribers will use this hands-on training to help build skills to deploy Microsoft software, keep systems up and running, or prepare for certification. We know that building technical skills is one of the top 2 reasons IT Pros use TechNet subscriptions. *Now available worldwide*

· Support Incidents – TechNet Plus subscribers get 2 free Technical Support incidents they can use to help solve their most critical technical challenges. Microsoft Support Professionals are available via phone or web to provide this technical support service.

Every time subscribers visit they’ll get the latest subscription news, updates on software available from Subscriber Downloads and tips and tricks for getting the most our of their subscription.


So think about it.  No waiting for beta software to be shipped (everyone wants it NOW!).  And the cost of the subscription to Technet plus is cheaper than the cost of 2 support incidents – which are included in the price.  It’s a no-brainer really…

Thank you to Kevin also for keeping my eye on the ball too..