Waiting for Vista

Steve has been busy creating another piece of Machinima to follow on from his Staying patched clip.  It’s over on Youtube.

So what is machinima?

The word itself is a portmanteau (mashup) of Machine and Cinema, and we’ve been using concepts like this to create film clips since the original King Kong movie. With the advent of animation software (the Sims, The Movies and Second Life) we are able to use software generated characters to get our point across effectively. Look at the popularity of films like Shrek, and Toy Story to see how well Machinima has captured the public imagination

An interesting alternative to structure Machinima creation, and something that’s becoming increasingly popular is the “gaming machinima” culture. This allows a game (such as World of Warcraft, Quake or Halo) to be played, and recorded, with a dialogue added later.

So why do I think that this type of movie clip is going to be big?  Steve originally recorded his Machinima clips using Poser and the Movies (which gives a high quality, high definition video clip), and he’s been watching how much buzz and dialogue goes on within this community (if you look at how many subscribers log in to Red v’s Blue, you’ll get the idea of how much buzz this generates.).

If you‘re interested in Machinima, and want to do some more research on the topic, then there is no better start than the entry in Wikipedia. …And look out for more CaptainMicrosoft Machinima pieces on Youtube soon…