Setting up direct push for Windows mobile 5.0

Emily contacted me as she was having trouble setting up direct push on her Exchange 2003 Server.

Could you point me in the direction of some instructions on how to set up exchange 2003, ISA 2004 and mobile 5.0 to enable direct push email?  I can’t seem to get through the ISA onto our network to sync the email.  We are using qtecs and k-jams over the Vodafone GPRS or 3G network.

I seem to get a lot of these type of questions so thought it was worth a blog entry. 

  1. Install Exchange 2003 SP2.  Read all about the new mobility features in SP2 here
  2. Follow the step by step guide to configuring ISA and connecting mobile devices – or just read step 6 if you’re short of time.
  3. That’s it.  Read your mail. On your phone…

Mind you – although I wonder how I ever managed without my smartphone, it does take over my life.  Jason was right about how addictive these things are…  I need to be more disciplined and not sync my mail at weekends.  I’ve tried it though, and spend my whole life looking at the phone wistfully waiting for that mail from someone special to come in, and trying not to force a sync…!