Instant messaging – anywhere

A lot of us are trying to get our heads around Web 2.0 and how it will affect the way we work on the web.  People are driving the web – not the other way around.  Think about commenting on blogs, subscribing to something on a Wiki – this is changing how the web works.  Mike goes on about Web 2.0 a lot, and delivering software as a service wherever you happen to be.  We’ve done some work towards this – especially in the Instant Messaging area with Public Internet connectivity (allowing your Office communicator client to talk to Yahoo, MSN or AOL).

Well I’ve found something that takes the idea of Instant communication that little bit further.  it’s called Meebo and it delivers your IM to you wherever you want to be, on whatever device.  It’s run by some talented people over in Palo Alto and allows your presence information to be embedded on a web page.  And that opens up the social software bit of Web 2.0 to anyone.  We have a web client too – both for Messenger, and Office Communicator, but we don’t have the bit of code that allows you to embed the client in your web page or wherever you want to put it.  And that’s what’s so cool.  And that’s what is going to be so powerful in Web 2.0 speak

I think I need to have a play with this …