Microsoft at work

I’ve been receiving this newsletter for some time now.  Sometimes it’s got some cracking tips that I’ve never heard of before.  Some a little bizarre, some that I add to my repertoire.  Like these:

Navigate slideshows with ease.
Go to a particular slide by pressing the Number + Enter. Return to the first slide by pressing 1 + Enter (or press both mouse buttons for 2 seconds).

Working with the pointer during a slide show.
Hide the pointer and slide show toolbar immediately by pressing Ctrl+H. Hide them in 15 seconds by pressing Ctrl+U.
Viewing documents in Word.
To see two parts of a document simultaneously, drag the spilt bar at the top of the scroll bar

Find just the right word.
Click on a word and hit Shift-F7 to automatically look up a synonym, antonym, or alternative choice, Using a thesaurus or other available tools.
Organise large, multi-sheet workbooks.
Right click on a worksheet tab (like “Sheet1”) to rename the tab and colour-code it; you can even copy And move worksheets.

Rapidly view the information you need.
Zoom in and out of a spreadsheet by holding down the Ctrl key while rotating the wheel button on your mouse
Save time with Outlook shortcuts.
Ctrl+1,2,3,4,5 will display Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and Notes.

Add your own follow-up flags in Outlook.
Click the Message Flag button and then type the text you want in the Flag to box. 

…Worth subscribing to.