Starting all over again – with Vista

It’s amazing how much stuff you tend to accumulate over a lifetime.  Memories from when you were a child, mementoes from your youth, things that you’ve purchased and used extensively, things you’ve bought and now wonder what the heck you bought them for, and things that you’ve been given which you still have and use from time to time.  This stuff seems to be fairly manageable whilst you’re young, as you only have one bedroom to store things.  But getting your own place contributes to an explosion of stuff.

Well the same is true when you own a PC.  The longer you have it, the more stuff you install onto it.  Stuff you’ve been given, stuff you’ve bought, mementoes and memories.  You forget just how many extra things you’ve installed on the PC.  Until you start again.  As I have.

I really bit the bullet this time and I’ve started afresh with this Vista install.  I started with a network (PXE) boot and chose Vista beta 2 with Office 2007 beta 2 from the drop down menu.  I selected a fresh install into a different directory as I wanted to run Vista with totally clean settings.  By the way, THANK YOU MICROSOFT.  The team that thought up WIM with PXE should be given an extra large bonus.  I selected the option and then went for a coffee.  And Vista installed itself, and Office 2007 whilst I was away. Just like that.  Oh heaven.  So if you’re running an IT department, you really need to look at all of the deployment options for Vista, and play with this one.  It was amazingly easy, and I was up and running, domain joined, and answering emails within about 2 hours.

Today, hasn’t been as productive though… All those things I’d previously installed, Groove, One Note, Live Meeting, Live Communications ServerLive Messenger, the Send a Smile application.  They’ve eaten up my whole day today.

Wouldn’t it be good though for an application like SMS to be totally aware of what’s sitting on my hard drive, create an inventory of their original download locations,  capture all of these locations, and offer them as an option to download and install at the same time.  Now that would be nice…