2007 Office system: Take it for a test drive and send us a smile…

Well you can’t wait for the beta.  You’ve heard all about the ribbon and how it changes the way you work.  you’ve heard about the XML file formats and how your Developers will thank you as they develop applications for Office.  You’ve registered for the beta and are waiting,  And waiting.  And waiting.

Well, how about taking Office for a test drive without installing it.  If the system is busy when you click the link, just go through the checks, loading the plug ins if you need to, then register with Windows Live, and you’re away with the feature set. 

I’ve also installed the “Send us a smile” application – to send feedback (Good and Grumbling) to the Office team.  This puts fierce looking smileys onto your taskbar which allow you to smile or frown directly to the product team – with a screenshot of what’s happening at the time of your feedback.

Now that’s neat – Move over Dr Watson – the smileys are out to get you.  I hope they make it into the final product too.  Beats clippy anyday!