Daily Archives: June 23, 2006

My best Microsoft things – in a list…

Following on from Steve’s blog entry the other day, after listening to James’ musings at the roadshow on Wednesday, because it’s Friday, I’m winding down to a wonderful sunny weekend, and completed my urgent tasks – I thought I’d add my thoughts to the list of great things (features etc.) that we’ve done.  So here goes…

  • The Microsoft mouse.  Who would EVER want to navigate their way around using the Alt Ctl and Tab keys again?
  • The hibernate feature – cos I’m always in a hurry
  • Ink – doodle and make notes, and IM with one stylus
  • The wireless searching thingy.  It just finds the wireless and connects.  Perfect for the “less than gifted” user in your life
  • DHCP in Windows – so I don’t need to fiddle around with hosts files and BIND any more
  • Autosave in Word.  For everyone who has “inadvertently” closed the wrong window – yup that means me too!
  • Ctrl Z, Ctrl C, Ctrl V – I’ve used these for years and years and would be devastated if we dropped it… Even works here as I’m typing this – pure genius
  • Exchange Unified Messaging.  Totally brilliant for people like me who are always on the move.  This is going to be a classic for future top 10’s
  • The Smartphone.  I have to agree with Steve here – I can’t do my job without it…
  • USB plug and play.  Can you manage without your memory stick?

When typing this, I noticed that I was focusing on bits of the completed product – the technologies and services which go into making a product really great.  It’s often the little things and the peripherals that make my life so easy.  There’s my list.  Did I miss anything out?