SharePoint User Group – talking about Office…

Nick from the SharePoint User group has let me know about their next event in July – with a couple of interesting speakers…

This is being organised with Combined Knowledge (the chaps who presented at the first user group meeting) on Thursday 20th July.
Bill English and Todd Bleaker (they wrote the
SharePoint Resource Kit) are flying over from the US and will be presenting along with a few others. All together we’ve got 3 rooms and 7 or 8 different speakers to cover Office 2007 stuff. We’ve space for between 200-250 people and we reckon we can fill it up!

I need to get up to speed a little bit faster with SharePoint 2007 – especially with the events that we’re planning for the latter part of the year around the 2007 Office system launch and things like that.  Or maybe I’ll just get Nick to deliver the sessions for me as he already knows the product really well… It’ll save me a job anyway!   The link to the registration site is here…it would be nice to see you there too 🙂