Exchange questions from the TechNet tour

We’re at Bristol at the final leg of the roadshow, and the final time for a couple of weeks that I’ll be demoing the Unified messaging demo (apart from amazing my non technical friends with the demo of a voice controlled interactive email system – it really blows their minds…)

So here’s a few of the resources I talk about during my Exchange 2007 session, and some answers to the questions I get asked every time I present.

64-bit.  Yes, we will release ONLY in 64 bit.  32 bit is only here whilst Exchange 2007 is in beta.  Read the rationale behind this over on the Exchange team blog.

Unified Messaging: How does it actually work under the bonnet (hood for you if you’re in the US).  Read Marks excellent blog post on the techy bits and keep up to date with the Exchange team blog as they’ll be releasing info on UM soon…

Server roles.  Edge server must be installed on a seperate server to the other server roles. it uses ADAM (Active Directory Applicaton mode) for access to AD.  See these features for Edge in the beta 2 release notes

You can install all the other server roles on the same server.  All Exchange Server 2007 server roles—except for the Edge Transport server role or, when clustering, the Mailbox server role—can be deployed on a single physical server.  have a look at the FAQ for more info..

Exchange 2003 SP2 allowed you to increase your mailbox store on standard edition to 75GB.  It’s a registry key. Read this article that shows you how to do it.

When will it be available for Small Business Server?  That I don’t know… I suppose it depends when evey component of SBS is also available in 64 bit….Unless you know different…?