Exchange – going small or large?

A lot of the questions I get when I’m out at the roadshow are about Exchange and what Exchange 2007 can do for organisations. I get questions asking how the Unified Messaging System really works behind the scenes, and whether we have plans for SIP integration (I don’t know the answer to this one at the moment by the way).   My favourite question (and one that’s asked regularly at the roadshow) is whether we can stop the UM lady asking us to press the pound key.  (Note to my colleagues in the US.  THe pound is our British currency and whilst it appears above the number 3 on my Laptop keyboard, it doesn’t appear on the phone dialler!).  We, and lots of other countries call this symbol the hash key.  So could we put in the option to change the word “pound” to the word “hash”.  It must be an easy option if we do the UK English install of the UM system instead of the US install?  Come on Exchange team… is this possible?

Its fairly obvious that I’d get these questions from time to time when I’ve been presenting some of the new features – I’d naturally expect these sorts of questions.  But the questions that I’ve been getting over the last two days have got me wondering if the TechNet roadshow is actually delivering the right sort of content for the majority of the audience.  When I decided on the content this year, I went for topics that I thought would appeal to people wanting to know about up and coming technologies.  An overview of the new features in 2007 Office System, Exchange 2007 and Vista, with the new features of Windows Server R2, and ISA Server too.

But I reckon that 75% of the questions that I’ve had this week concern Small Business Server and various aspects of SBS architecture.

So my question is…Should we include an SBS track in future events?  and if so, what do you want us to cover on this potential SBS track?  Should we deliver this event in conjunction with Partners at their offices (which may mean smaller events and audiences) or carry on with larger events that hold an SBS track.  I’d love to know your thoughts.  Add your comments, and let me know as our planning for next year has just started…