Active sync, Windows mobile and certificates

Brett, (he of the interesting blog on Exchange) came up with some excellent resources on active sync the other day in an email that I thought I’d pass them around.  I get asked about these regularly and have blogged about similar resources before in a previous post, so I thought I’d include these too…

308205  XCCC: Valid SSL Certificate Is Required When You Use Server ActiveSync
915438  Error message when you use ActiveSync to synchronize a Windows Mobile 5.0-based device: “The security certificate on the server is invalid”
915152  Information about Microsoft ActiveSync 4.0 error codes, error messages, and how to troubleshoot the error codes
915840  How to install root certificates on a Windows Mobile-based device
841060 How to add root certificates to Windows Mobile 2003 Smartphone and to Windows Mobile 2002 Smartphone

Thanks Brett – you’ve saved me quite a bit of research!