ITForum and TechEd merge in Europe

Well the IT forum site is now live on the web – but it’s now called TechEd-ITForum.  I think it’s a really good idea that the 2 events have merged in Europe.  For one thing, it’s only one trip across the pond for presenters from corp, so less disruption for them and their families and they get to go back home in time for Thanksgiving too.  Actually, now I come to think of it, they also get to be at home for 4th July celebrations, so they’ll be doubly pleased.  TechEd Europe has almost always been on during the wek of July 4th 🙂

Having 2 conferences back to back also gives appropriate focus to both sides (Dev and IT Pro) when you think of up and coming product releases.  With TechEd in the middle of the year, these focus areas sometimes get totally out of step with the product launches, but with the Office launch fosusing across IT Pro and Developer space, and Vista launch spanning both sections too, it just seems more logical to hold these together.  I’m sure that there are lots of other benefits too, as well as the associated cost savings.

There’s a registration link on the home page as well as the opportunity to submit your blog URL and have it included on the TechEdITForum site.  Oh, and you get a discount too if you register early – as well as the opportunity to have a private technical session with a TechEd speaker.  Hmmm – I wonder who that is then?…