Daily Archives: June 13, 2006

MSN Messenger and Yahoo talk to each other.

We’ve had this a while in our Live Communications Server product.  The ability for corporate users to have contacts that are external to their company.  We call it PIC (Public Internet Connectivity), and here’s some information on it if you’d like to try it out within your organisation, and some issues you may run into..

But now, we’ve announced that we’ve entered into an agreement with Yahoo, so that if you’re using Yahoo messenger, you can talk to your buddies who use MSN Messenger, or Windows Live messenger as it’s now called.  Pete, my favourite Web 2.0 blogger, gives you some more information on other products in the queue, and Kiltak’s blog gives you the download links…

I just need to find some Yahoo buddies to talk to now…



SMS R2 – available to download

I noticed today on Blakes blog   and Rod’s blog that  Systems Management Server 2003 R2 is now available for download. Omar pointed out all of the features included in the release and Anthony talked very coprehensively about upgrading his systems. These guys certainly have their fingers right on the button whereas I’m so far behind in my technical reading that sometines I just want to give everything the finger with the delete key and start again!  Anyway, here’s the info from our internal newsletter about the release…

Microsoft announces RTM of the R2 release of SMS 2003.  Included in SMS 2003 R2 is the ability to update custom line-of-business and third party applications as well as to provide scanning for almost 100 critical system vulnerabilities. Together, this new functionality promises to help simplify the process of keeping systems updated and more secure.

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