User groups leaders for user groups

We’re hosting a community leaders day today on campus, where we invite all of the people in the UK who run User groups, either online or offline.  They come from all technology areas, but in the IT Pto space, there are a number of gaps.

In the UK there is an Access user group, but not an Office User group, a SQL User group, but not a Windows user group (or a Vista group, or a virtualisation user group come to think of it).  There’s a Sharerpoint User group, but not an Exchange User group (yet). There’s even a Windows Management User group, and one for Unified Communications just starting up.  There are more developer groups that IT Pro groups (do developers need user groups more than IT Pro’s?).

So I asked the question to the User group leaders.  What possessed you to start up a user group?  I asked this in the hope that we could get some insight to share with others who may want to start up a user group, or those that haven’t even thought of it yet?

I’ll share their answers soon.  But what do you think?  Are there any volunteers who would like to start up a user group? If so, I can put you in touch with some user group leaders wih some very different ideas on how these things work.  But they all do. And that’s what matters…