Daily Archives: May 31, 2006

Windows Live Local addin for Outlook

I really had high hopes for this.  What a fantastic idea.  Windows Live Local for Outlook.  Just the thing to add maps and directions to my meeting requests.  One of the most useful things is that I’ll now be able to calculate the travel distance between the start location and my appointment location and then adjust my departure time based on the estimated travel time.

Well I tried to install it onto my Outlook 2007 and it failed.  GRRRR! It only works with Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2000.  I supose I’ll have to do a registry hack to get this installed at all and have a play with it (or go back to using Outlook 2003 on my main machine…no chance!) 

Come on guys.  This is a new and funky beta product which adds in to Outlook.  Can’t it work with another beta product (Outlook 2007)?  It’s only a small change to the beta install program.  So if you’ve actually managed to install it – let me know if its any good, and worth the tweaks to this machine?  I’d love to know…