Daily Archives: May 25, 2006

Live Messenger features

(I can’t get my head around this new name.  I still think of this as MSN messenger 8.0).  Anyway, here’s a list of features that you can try, now that you’ve got your hands on the beta

Windows Live Call. With one click users can now make cheap national and international phone calls, to landline and mobiles over the Internet, with Windows Live Call powered by the Verizon Web Calling service.

Video conversation. The free synchronised audio and video service in Windows Live Messenger, powered by Logitech, allows users to view and talk to their friends and families through their PCs in full-screen video with one push of a button using the webcams and broadband Internet connections.

Sharing Folders. By simply dragging and dropping their files and personal photos of any size to their Windows Live Messenger window, users can share them with family, friends and colleagues. Sharing folder comes also with the antivirus protection from Windows Live

Windows Live Contacts. Contact information is always updated with Windows Live Contacts; users choose which contacts they want updated automatically. Windows Live Contacts are integrated and accessible across Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Mail and MSN Spaces.

Unified contacts. Users now have the ability to see and search all their contacts with the unified contact list accessible through Windows Live Messenger. Users can have up to 600 contacts, and easily search using a “word wheel,” which automatically sorts the contact list.

Offline instant message (IM). Users can now send an IM to their offline contacts who will receive the IM the next time they log in. 

That’s my favourite bit.  Offline IM.  Fantastic for those of us who have dodgy wireless signals and lose connectivity in the middle of an IM conversation. Very useful indeed…