Daily Archives: May 15, 2006

Software using Full Mailbox Access permission in Exchange

I knew that as soon as I highlighted something “important” that you needed to do on yor Exchange systems, I’d get something wrong, or miss something out.. Nick sent me a mail mentioning possible issues with MS-019

I have been alerted to a possible issue you may want to stick on your blog.
The security update you mention includes an Exchange store fix for the “send as” permission.  Any software that uses the “Full Mailbox Access” permission such as RIM’s Blackberry or Goodlink or stuff like that can stop working.
A permissions check needs to be made against the “correct” way of setting it up as per this article
 – if done right there is no problem, otherwise the permissions are changed, the relevant BB or GL accounts don’t get access to the mailboxes correctly and the servers / services will stop.
Symptoms are kind of obvious: third party services stop working.
I was alerted to this at the start of the week but forgot to email you on it. This may now be out of date as the security update was updated 2 days after release but I thought you ought to know as the Exchange Blog Queen

So, something to chack if you’re using BlackBerrys.  Install the updated patch…

And Blog Queen?  No – that’s the enigmatic and magical Betsy…