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Setting up the fax service in Outlook

Sometimes I get messages that leave me totally stumped, not because I have absolutely no idea of the answer (although that’s sometimes true), but because I’ve been heads down focusing on a specific topic, that I’ve sort of forgotten about this other thing. This mornings mail was about faxing.  I’d set up corporate faxing before – eons ago it seems, and this had completely slipped my mind.  So setting up the Microsoft at work fax program for Outlook 2000…. Hmmm

Setting up an Outlook 2000 client to receive fax service messages:  You must be a member of the local computer Administrator group and you must install a MAPI-enabled e-mail client (for example, Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange Client). You must have a MAPI profile for the user account. You must change the Fax service from the default system account to the e-mail client user’s account.  If you have any compatibility issues, check here for how to run the fixmapi utility to fix things

1. Log on with local computer administrative privileges.
2. Configure the Windows 2000 Fax Service to receive faxes.
3. Install Outlook 2000 with the corporate or workgroup e-mail service options.NOTE: This action allows the use of profiles.
4. Make sure that Outlook 2000 is the default e-mail client. (You can enable the default e-mail client at the end of the Outlook 2000 installation wizard.)

 If you forget to enable Outlook 2000 as the default e-mail client, you can do so later using the following steps: Start Microsoft Internet Explorer.  On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.   On the Programs tab, make sure the E-mail box setting is Microsoft Outlook.

5. Click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, and then double-click Administrative Tools.
6. Double-click Services.
7. Right-click Fax Service, and then click Properties.
8. On the Log On tab, click This account.
9. Change the default setting from LocalSystem to your account.
10. Type and confirm a valid password for the account, and then click OK.
11. Click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, and then double-click Fax.
12. On the Advanced Options tab, click Fax Service Management Console.
13. Click Devices, and then double-click the modem entry in the right panel.
14. On the Received Faxes tab, click to select the Send to Local e-mail inbox check box, and then click the profile name associated with Outlook 2000.NOTE: If the profile name option is unavailable, make sure you correctly completed the steps above. The most common mistake is not changing the Fax service to log on as a user account with Administrator rights.
15. Stop and restart the Fax service.

Have a look here for the steps in the kb article  and also have a look at how Outlook 2000 supports faxing

It wasn’t that easy when I was an Exchange admin trying to get the fax service to work with Office 97.  How times have changed…


MSN Messenger 8.0 beta

Well it’s not really MSN messenger 8.0 any more, it’s called Windows Live Messenger. And you can download it now as it’s gone to a beta program where enyone can try it out.  Just go here to see all of the different beta programs you can be a part of and download the new interface.  It’s got VOIP support too along with a really nice look and feel to the interface.  There have been lots of announcements about the  ability to send messages when the other person is offline and the shared folders feature too.

But the bit I like the best is the icon just under my user name (which looks like a calendar and clock) which takes me to Windows Live today.  Hotmail, MSN and news in a tabbed window.  Nice integration. 

Download it from http://ideas.live.com and start chatting…