Daily Archives: May 4, 2006

Direct Push mail to your mobile – how to get it

I was asked several times at the roadshow the other day about how to get direct push mails down to your mobile phone, so I thought I’d have a look faround or some related resources on mobility.  First you need to have the Windows Mobile 5.0 Messagng and security feature pack (MSFP).  Then you need to have a list of devices that supports the MSFP.  To set up your device initially, you’ll need Active sync (here’s the link to the beta of 4.2) and you’ll need a step by step guide…

To troubleshoot, there’s a great guide here or you can follow the steps in this KB article if you have any problems with your certificates:

And that’s all you need.  Oops, I forgot that you also need to have an Exchange Server 2003 with SP2 installed too.  Otherwise you won’t get anything pushed your way at all…


PTS-TV – the Geek boutique

I love this!  it’s a sort of low budget, British channel 9Katie goes and interrogates the Partner Technical Specialists in the UK.  The video has been edited for the final version – and they’ve kept the out-takes in the video.  Lots of giggling and mistakes too. Totally real..

Here’s the link to the main site, their blog and Steve’s post about what it’s all about.  Mind you, I don’t think that Robert Scoble should be quaking in his video  boots just yet.  The Brits have obviously got a long long way to go to catch up!…

Office Communicator for your cell phone

We’ve now released a version of communicatior for the mobile phone.  So we now have the full client, the Web client and a client for cellphones.  nice…

Communicator Mobile extends the reach of Live Communications Server 2005 to information workers who use Windows Mobile based devices. Communicator Mobile offers a similar look and feel to the desktop version of Microsoft Office Communicator 2005, and it ensures that access to capabilities that are provided by Live Communications Server 2005 continues when users are away from their desks.

Get it here:

Office Communicator Mobile getting started guide

Planning and Deployment guide

Troubleshooting guide

Steve will be pleased… 🙂