New names for Exchange 12 and Management products too.

I just knew I should have gone to MMS this year.  The new name for Exchange 12 has been announced.  Microsoft Exchange 2007.  KC unveiled the new (unofficial) logo for exchange, which looks  very James Bond – ish and is really funky  – as does the new logo for 2007 Office system.  Kiril announced other new names too:

Windows PowerShell, formerly known as MONAD. Available to download in the second half of this year. Download RC1 here  and documentation..

Exchange 12 will officially be named Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. In addition,  The Exchange Management Shell in Exchange Server 2007 is based on PowerShell and will save IT administrators valuable hours by allowing routine and repetitive tasks to be automated through a scriptable command line shell.

“MOM V3” will become Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007.  System Center Operations Manager 2007 is building a solution based on PowerShell.
“SMS V4” will become Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007.
There’s  a new product for the service-desk market, to be delivered toward the end of 2007 and  codenamed “Service Desk”  This consists of:
1) A workflow engine that will provide the basis for how we automate IT processes
2) the implementation of the SDM-based Configuration Management Database (CMDB), which will be the foundation of our asset and change management capability.

Yup – I should have definitely gone to MMS.  Grrr…..