Daily Archives: April 6, 2006

PDA Access to your Exchange 2003

Well I had an email overnight that really made me smile.  Although I’m still here in London on the E12 ignite course, I’ve still got my day job and my managers job to do.  Part of my day job is responding to mails that come in either via the contact link on the blog, or direct to my email address.  Well  Adam mailed me yesterday:

Hi Eileen,
You wont remember me but met in harrogate last year.  I have a customer who is trying to get windows mobile 5 to connect to the exchange server. Error on the PDA is Error code HTTP_403.  They are using a Thawte SSL123 Certificate. outlook web access is ok. Any help please

Fortunately  I’d looked into this before and have blogged about Active sync errors.  Additionally there may be something wrong with the certificate.  Over on the Industry Insiders forum there’s a good article on Smartphone CA connecting to the Exchange server.  I mailed Adam pointing him to these resources.  And got this in return:

Dear Eileen,
I could kiss you. Thank you very much. Now all working.  Next time we meet up at a Microsoft do I will by you a large drink

Adam, I’d like a large glass of Shiraz please, and I look forward to blushing greatly with the kiss…