Exchange hosted services

Well, I only mentioned this the other week in my blog, and now we’ve gone and had a big announcement about our Exchange Hosted services offering (If you’re a Microsoft partner, you can have a look here too..).  You can sign up for a free 30 day trial (no software needed) so you can see why it’s a really good idea to consider having a hosted email service. 

So what do you get?   Exchange Hosted Services is composed of four distinct services to help protect from email malware, satisfy retention requirements for compliance, encrypt data to preserve confidentiality, and preserve access to e-mail during and after emergency situations. The services are deployed over the Internet, to reduce messaging risks before they reach the corporate firewall.  Exchange Hosted Services runs a distributed network of data centers with fault-tolerant servers that are load-balanced from site to site and from server to server so that, traffic can be routed to another data center, to reduce interruption to the service.

You need to change your (MX) record and you’re off and running. There is no hardware or software to buy, install, or configure either and you don’t even need to modify your existing e-mail infrastructure.

Certinly worth a look at, and signing up for the 30 day free trial