Daily Archives: March 30, 2006

Manage Communicator Web Access with MOM

Heck, that’s not a very good blog post title is it?  Well what I mean is that the MOM team have released a management pack where you can manage any instances of Communicator Web Access using MOM 2005.

There, thats a bit clearer isn’t it?  Dale blogged about it the other week and I missed it completely.  Then I noticed it on Microsoft.com and ignored it.  Now guilt, and a couple of mails from Steve, who has been having problems installing Communicator Web Access prompted me to dig a little bit deeper.  So I have.  And here’s the link to download the management pack.  Here’s the info from the download site:

The Microsoft Office Communicator Web Access Management Pack for MOM 2005 monitors the health of computers running Office Communicator Web Access server components on Windows Server 2003 and alerts IT administrators about critical health conditions that indicate degraded performance. The management pack monitors and provides alerts for:

Automatic notification of events indicating service outages.
Performance degradation.
Health monitoring.
Centralized management