Daily Archives: March 24, 2006

Getting a DR plan for Exchange

Antony was formulating a disaster recovery plan for Exchange and had been scrolling around trying to collate a set of best practices and hints and tips.  So he contacted me and asked me if I had a set of collated articles – I didn’t of course, so I did a bit of searching around and came up with these resources – always useful to have in one place I think, so I’ve reproduced them here. I’d blogged about DR kb articles and other resources after events last year, and talked about cluster recovery stuff – but thought that there may be some more if i searched…

Exchange 2003 Disaster Recovery:     
Using Exchange Server 2003 Recovery Storage Groups:

Administering Exchange Server 2003 (Disaster Recovery):
Disaster Recovery Operations guide: 
High Availability guide

We need to have a Best practices part of Microsoft.com don’t we?  When I searched, I found over 66,000 relevant articles!  Then you can go there, click on the product you want, and get all of the best practices, hints and tips for that product suite.  What do you think?