Daily Archives: March 14, 2006

How productive am I?

Oh heck.  I’ve just taken the Personal Productivity Challenge – just for fun.  The blurb seemed easy enough…

Ever wonder if you are as productive as you could be?   In just a few minutes you can gauge how well you are managing your time and priorities. Take our 16-question productivity assessment. Based on your answers, you will receive:
A baseline indication of your general productivity: high; admirable; average; or room for improvement
Suggested areas of potential improvement

So let me set the scene then.  I’m using the 2007 Office System beta (which is fantastic by the way) but my results showed that I’m still using Office in the same way that I used to work with Office 97.  I mean, I scored only 30 for my “Managing Information” section.  30!  Heck I work for Microsoft, I’ve taken all of the online courses, and have access to all of these fantastic internal resources and I scored 30.  I’m ashamed of myself.  And my overall score was 52.  Shameful.  I hardly dared sign in to compare myself to anyone else… and when I did, the only place I was better than the average was in the “Staying connected” section.

Dreadful.  Go on make me feel better – did you get a score lower than 30 anywhere?…