Daily Archives: March 7, 2006

Exchange 12 Overview event in the UK

I’m delivering a TechNet event here in the UK on March 16th, for those who want to see some of the new features that are available in Exchange 12.  I’m also delivering a couple of modules at our Exchange ignite program for customers and partners next month in London.  It’s always a challenge delivering these events, as, when the product is still in beta, there are some things I can’t talk about (yet), some things I can talk about (which may not make it into the final product) and some things I can talk about quite happily, which may change significantly when the final product comes out.  Quite a task eh?

But the thing that always blows everyones socks off is the Unified messaging demo, so I’ve asked the wonderful Ewan, to come along and co-present with me.  Ewan, has live access to his E12 mailbox, and a working UM mailbox (I don’t have this yet, so I’d only be able to show you a video with someone else demoing the UM).  So I’ve bribed him with beer and pizza and he’s going to show you how amazing this UM system is and how well it copes with regional accents (he’s from Scotland).

So if you’re available next week, why don’t you come along and get an overview of Exchange 12, and prepare to have your socks blown off by Ewan 🙂

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