Daily Archives: March 1, 2006

MOM 2005 Resource kit to download

Latest Version of MOM 2005 Resource Kit Now Available for Download
This resource kit has been updated to support MOM 2005 SP1 and new tools have been added:
Alert to RSS Utility – Enable subscriptions to alert information via RSS.
DAS Role Update Utility – Tighten the security of MOM servers by removing the BUILTIN\Administrators group from the MOM Administrator role.
Computer Group Hierarchy Utility – Export and import the Computer Group Hierarchy, including using AD containers and hierarchy to create Computer Groups
Console Scope Utility – Automatically update Console Scope membership and mirror AD Security Group membership into console scopes.
Management Group Utility – List and cleanup Management Group membership data on individual agents.
MOM Remote Pre-requisite Checker – Verify the configuration of the services and ports required for agent installation and discovery.
Response Test Utility – Quickly test response scripts for minor errors from the command line, before finally saving them to an MP.
You can download the updated MOM 2005 Resource Kit
here: but you should be downloading this specifically for the Exchange management Pack config wizard.  If you’re not using the management packs for Exchange, go and beat up the correct person in your org who can go and get this implemented.  With all the stuff coming in E12, you want to really have MOM monitoring your Exchange environment so you can have all the availability and uptime you want…