RTC Experts – Come and talk to us…

I’m over in Washington state again for a meeting of our evangelist managers, so I thought I’d extend my trip by a day and catch up with my virtual team of evangelists and talk to a couple of people in the product team.  I’ve just had a meeting with Kevin who specialises in RTC and runs our community initiatives.  We were talking about blogging, LCS, community and the RTC groups worldwide that we both knew.

Well I know that there aren’t too many people blogging about LCS, or RTC technologies in general.  Tom, Graham  and Kintan all work for Microsoft, and I notice the occasional post on Technorati about LCS 2005

So who am I missing?  There must be many really keen RTC users out there who want to form a community (Arthur is moving towards creating the RTC user group in the UK at the moment).  So make yourselves known.  Either add a comment, or ping me an email, let me know about the great work that you’re doing in the Real Time Communicatrions world, and we’ll try to get you talking to each other in a Virtual community (or really talking to each other using the next generation of RTC, using voice and all of that other cool stuff thats out there…..