New UK based Sharepoint User group

The Sharepoint User group had it’s first meeting in the UK last night at the Microsoft campus in Reading.  Nick managed to secure an amazing turnout for a first meeting with over 60 people attending.  There’s obviously a need for people to get together and talk about Sharepoint technologies.  The presentations (all delivered by non Microsofties) were excellent (I’ve got 2 more names for my speaker list now…) and the content was top notch (The sliides will going up on ths site soon I believe)  

I also spent some time chatting to Arthur, who is keen to start a Real Time Collaboration User group in the UK too, if there’s enough interest in RTC technologies here.   What do you think?  That group could take User group sessions with Live Meeting to the next level.

So thanks Nick for an excellent job, and well done for your first meeting.  I’m really looking forward to your next meeting on the 13th March, and I promise we’ll book a much larger auditorium next time 🙂