Daily Archives: February 10, 2006

Have a look at MOM 2005 SP1

I noticed that you can try some of the multilingual versions of the MOM 2005 SP1.  They’re available to download here... (careful its a 42Mb file…).  if you want access to other languages like French, German and Japanese, go to the SP1 home page.  Some of the features include:

Broader OS and database support, including Windows Server 2003 SP1 and SQL 2000 SP4, which enables you to leverage the latest Windows Server System software.
Support for x64 platforms which allows MOM 2005 to run on and monitor the latest high performance hardware.
License usage alerting which enables you to receive alerts when product usage exceeds the configured threshold of licensed OMLs.
Many customer-requested enhancements to better support enterprise scenarios:
Support for disjoint namespaces with mutual authentication
Support for NETBIOS names containing dot
Improved robustness of heart beating and Microsoft Connector Framework
And don’t forget
you need Windows Installer 3.1      (Read the KB article). And I’d also recommend that you had a look at the SP1 installation guide before you started too.