Exchange increased store limits

Even though SP2 has been out for a couple of months, and there’s been quite a bit of talk about the increased store size and how to enable it (it’s a registry key if you wondered).  There’s still a bit of confusion about where to find out information about how to increase the store, and what’s going on under the bonnet (hood).  here are a set of useful resources to help you when you make the change:

Exchange Team blog entry

Step by step instructions – from Vlad

Exchange Technical reference guide

Registry key setting – the actual how to…

For the Exchange Server 2003 Standard Edition, the hard-coded licensing database size limit has been increased from 16 GB to 75 GB. The administrator will be able to set a protective database size limit (prevent unintentional database size growth). The default value will be 18 GB in SP2 for Standard Edition and the default of 18 GB can be overwritten by editing the “Database Size Limit in GB” registry key.   The database size calculation will be that of the logical database size — empty space is not counted. Limit checks will be performed regularly and controlled by the store process, not by Jet. Intervals for checking will be defined in the local registry and defaults can be overwritten by editing the registry. If there are no registry settings, the default time of 24 hours is used.

There will be an early warning threshold so that warnings will arrive at set intervals. Additionally, there will be better feedback to administrators when the database size limit is reached. Administrators will be able to manually mount databases in Exchange System Manager (ESM).