Daily Archives: January 31, 2006

IT Forum – the highlights

I’ve been sitting in on the first day of our IT forum highlights event.  We cherry pick sessions from IT forum held in Barcelona each November, and redeliver 2 tracks worth of content (which will be delivered on 2 seperate days).  The interesting thing though, talking to some of the delegates, is that some of them actually attended the event in Barcelona (so they’ll have the CD with all of the content and media files), but they’re attending this event anyway.  Well my question is why?  If you have all of the media files, the powerpoints to listen to, and the opportunity to listen at a time that suits you, then why would you want to haul yourself down to campus on a cold grey drizzly January day to listen to the same content?

Is it bacause you want to attend sessions you missed?  Do you want the opportunity to ask questions to the presenters or the technical team?  Or do you just want to network with your peers?  I suppose this comes back to my post the other week about  the value of virtual training.

Or maybe you’re just here for the biscuits… :-).  Whatever the reason, it’s great to see so many people turn up, with many many more booked for Day 2 which we’re deliovering on 9th February.  I just wish we could run these much more regularly as there really seems to be a need for these types of events..


Organisational Forms management

This is quite an easy thing to do – if you know where to look.  But I’ve reproduced this here – in case you dont…

Q: Do you know how to remove an Outlook form from the Exchange organizational forms library?  I know how to publish a form into the Exchange Oorganisational Forms Library, but, I haven’t seen anything on how to remove an unused form from there.

A: 1. On the Tools menu, click Options.
2. Click the Other tab and then click Advanced Options.
3. Click Custom Forms and then click Manage Forms.
More info can be found

here and there’s information on how to create an organisational forms library in this link