Exchange 2003 and WINS

I’ve had this conversation before – several times, but ths same old thing keeps cropping up in various distribution lists, messages to various furums and emails send to me asking the question.  And the answer is Yes! Exchange needs WINS! (Do I need to put it in capitals EXCHANGE 2003 USES WINS!)  If you don’t use WINS, you’ll run into problems as described here

(dont forget about all of the other bits that need WINS too…) but just look out for the caveats in the KB is you dont implement wins correctly:
“Server clustering in Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, and Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 requires NetBIOS, but server clustering does not necessarily require WINS for name resolution.”
“Name collisions cannot occur when you use WINS. In a WINS environment, only one computer can be named SERVERA. In DNS, multiple computers can be named SERVERA.”

so now you know (Garry) again……!