System Center Reporting Manager 2006 Release Candidate Available

Gosh I’m way behind in my emails about System Center whilst I’ve been focusing so much on Exchange 12.  I’ve been ignoring all of my non essential mails in my attempts to keep up to date with my day job, my managers job, whilst attending 2 weeks of trechnical training.  Phew – no wonder I’m behind in what I do!  So I’ve only just got round to reading all of my product mails and I’ve just seen this mail about RepMon (I thought the name had been changed from SCRM a while ago???)  Here’s the info from the web…

System Center Reporting Manager (SCRM) 2006  is a data warehouse and reporting platform that will help IT managers better support corporate decision making, improve the quality of service provided and more effectively administer IT resources through improved reporting capabilities and management data integration.
With SCRM 2006, customers will be able to solve important business scenarios like:
• Monitoring the effectiveness of controls to make sure certain computers are adequately patched.
• Correlating the impact of recent hardware or software changes with system performance.
• Faster troubleshooting by easily comparing configurations between servers or desktops with a known baseline.
• Associating systems management information with a customer’s unique organization structure by providing reports that show:
• Status of critical patches or software updates on computers in a specific department or cost center
• Servers supporting a specific division or application that are being managed by SMS and not MOM, or MOM and not SMS.
• Alerts and other performance data for servers supporting a specific business application.
• Opportunities to reduce costs for a business unit by identifying underutilized hardware.
This Release is for evaluation use only and issued to enable you to become more familiar with the product and provide valuable feedback to ensure we deliver a winning product to the market.
The Release is available for download here:

Please download the product, work with it, and openly share your thoughts with us

Additional information about SCRM 2006 is available here: