Back in the UK – with some scripts to write

So I’m finally back on the GMT timezone – although it will take my body clock a couple of days to catch up with the 8 hour time difference.  I’m hungry at completely the wrong times and more than a little tired.  My head is totally full of the E12 stuff I’ve learned from the course over the last few days.  Some stuff that I can talk about, and some stuff that we’ll be talking about soon (that’s the hard bit actually – I need a list with 2 columns in it detailing what I can and can’t talk about – so I don’t make any slip ups due to not knowing what I can  or can’t say at the moment).

But what I can, and should talk about is Monad – a hard thing for a platforms person like me – so I’ve been on the search for a decent book on the topic.  And found this one and am going to have to work my way through it, and try to get some sort of understanding of the Monad shell.  Oh Yikes.  The Exchange team have an example of Monad script if you want to start to scare yourself before reading the book.  And here’s a tip I’ve pinched from the Exchange team which seems useful for automating the creation of Storage groups..

Here’s a handy tip for repeating a command n times. Instead or writing a for loop as in classical languages, simply use the following syntax:
1..10 | foreach {“do something here”}
For example:
1..10 | foreach { new-storagegroup -name “sg$_” –server foobar }
Will create 10 new storage groups with names: sg1 through sg10 on server foobar. 

Don’t think I’ll ever get to that standard.  I’ll stick to the simple stuff…the very simple stuff…