Daily Archives: January 16, 2006

Exchange 12 – so much new stuff

I’m still on the West coast of the States – this week I’m actually on Redmond campus on an Exchange 12 course.  The course is designed for people in the field who need to have a thorough understanding of Exchange and how to present the slides, demo the product, and look after any labs that are running.  Well, there’s so much to take in – so many changes, and so much is brand new.  Take unified messaging for example.  The fact that I can hear my voicemails just by clicking on my inbox – wherever I am just blows me away, and the demos showing speech recognition, so that I can just talk to my mailbox, get my next appointment, and send emails just by talking to the server is just amazing… It recognises different accents, and asks for repetition if something isn’t clear.  The voice interface is so good – it’s almost seamless, and with the Auto attendant enabled – I can just dial the switchboard, talk to the auto attendant and get routed through to the correct extension, leave a voicemail that gets routed to that persons mailbox.  I’m looking forward to getting access to my own account on the Unified messaging server as this demo is one of the best I’ve ever seen and I can’t wait till I show it off..

Awesome!… Oops – I’ve been here too long.  Must get back to typical British understatement instead of all this enthusiasm.  But Wow! Honestly.  This is nice…..