Active sync web administration tool

The Exchange Activesync web administration tool was released a couple of weeks ago, and because I was running around like a mad thing on the Exchange Unplugged tour – I completely missed this appearing on the download site.   With the advent of Exchange SP2 and the remote wipe functionality, you can remotely manage any lost or stolen mobile phones before it becomes a major issue for you.  Here’s what it does 

• View a list of all devices that are being used by any enterprise user
• Select/De-select devices to be remotely erased
• View the status of pending remote erase requests for each device
• View a transaction log that indicates which administrators have issued remote erase commands, in addition to the devices those commands pertained to
The Microsoft Exchange Server ActiveSync Web Administration Tool is designed for use With Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2 and compatible mobile devices.

Download it here…

Oh, byt the way – a tip from mr mobility Jason Langridge.  Often, you’ll get a call requesting that a device is wiped as the mobile phone appears to have been lost, and then a few hours later, you’ll get an anguished call from the user telling you that the device has been found, but can’t be rebuilt.  Don’t forget to remove the pending wipe request from the list – or you won’t be able to rebuild the device without it being rewiped – over and over again…!