Exchange 12 Server roles

Shaji has written a useful article about the forthcoming roles available in Exchange 12.  His site contains a useful set of Exchange related resources on E12 and Messaging and he’s certainly well informed :-).  He also links to some useful Exchange User group sites throughout the world too.

What do you think about user groups? Either face to face or online?  I’m asking as the Exchange user group in the UK (which used to be a storming  and active group) has gone a bit quiet of late and I wondered if it was worth reviving with the advent of Exchange 12 and Office 12.  So if you’re interested in this happening, or want to contribute / own / create etc. please let me know and we can get things going.  I was thinking of the sort of messaging community that covers Reat Time Collaboration, messaging clients and the back end infrastructure itself.

What do you think?  Want to volunteer?…